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Will You Fall Or Fly in 2024?

Erin Hanson poem What If I Fall? 

If you’ve not heard of Erin Hanson, check out her inspiring poetry on Instagram here[/caption]

So, will you fall…or fly?

There’s only one way to find out: JUMP!

To kick off the New Year I’ve decided to take the leap into the unknown. In November I quit my full-time job to work on various passion projects, including this site, The Non-Mum Network. I’m also working on editing my book, and I’m excited to say it’s coming on in leaps and bounds. I feel so full of energy and enthusiasm for the future – way more than I have done in years!

I have no idea if my parachute will open or if I’ll fall to Earth with a bump. If I fall, my ego will certainly be bruised. But one thing I do know is that if you don’t try you can’t succeed….or fail. Wouldn’t you rather follow your dreams and fail than never try at all?

There are only so many “tomorrows.”

Because one day we’ll look up from our work computers, half blinded by the screen glaring and countless hours staring, and realise that tomorrow came and went…and life has passed us by. Because life is what happens whilst you’re making plans for the future.

NEWSFLASH: this is it.

This IS life. It’s not a rehearsal. Nobody is coming to rescue you. This thing is 100% your responsibility. YOUR life. You only get one shot. If yours isn’t looking how you want it to, change it. Try!

Will you fall…fly…or sit on the bench looking up at the sky, watching others feel that adrenalin rush which only comes from taking risks? I know which option I’m choosing. Because nobody proudly remembers the day they sat on the bench.

I’m choosing life.

I’m jumping.

Samantha Walsh tandem skydive New Zealand Jump! Skydiving over Lake Taupo, New Zealand[/caption]

Sam x

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