Samantha Walsh The Non-Mum Network founder with flowers

It was Always on the Cards

My Non-Mum’s Day greetings cards are currently getting ALL the views ahead of International Mother’s Day, which is the second Sunday in May (12th this year).

In light of the sheer volume of hits these are getting, I thought I’d share the inspiration behind this idea. Back in 2018, I wrote an article for HuffPostUK about Mother’s Day, in partnership with a florist. Of course, I encouraged the celebration of mums, and one of my tips as a non-mum was to focus on your own mother, if you have one (this could be any other woman in your life whom you’d like to give thanks for).

I wrote the piece whilst I was at my parents’ villa in Spain with my dad, and sent my mum flowers from there. When I got back to my cold, dark house in the UK and flipped on the kitchen lights, there was a bouquet of flowers and a handwritten note from my mum, saying:

Happy Non-Mum’s Day, Sam! X

Can you imagine how bloody heartwarming that was?! I felt warmth and love radiate through me – which is no mean feat in the UK in March. I had never felt so uplifted; so seen.

When you’re a childless woman on Mother’s Day (one who has spent years of her life trying to join the Mum Club, I hasten to add), that kind of recognition means the world.

I in no way want to detract from mums on that day (or any other, because we see what it takes to be one), but when you visit a restaurant on Mother’s Day with friends or family and the waiter whips back a free glass of bubbly as it’s “Mum’s only!” (or whatever the gift is) and you’re the only woman without one (this happens, a lot, and it’s mortifying!), a simple gesture of love like a card goes a very long way to redress the balance. Inclusivity is everything. I’ll never forget that note, and I want other non-mums to experience that feeling too.…/greetings-cards/


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