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Why as a childless woman I've quit my job because I can't bear picking up the slack for working mums

By , Cosmetics boutique manager and writer

A third of my team were mums and, as much as it pains me to say it, mums can be unreliable. When their child is ill they get to take parental leave — that’s the law. 

But I’m the one who has to cover their work, and there are times it’s hard to be around them when this is happening repeatedly.

“We support working parents, but not childless colleagues.”

This autumn, as another brutal Christmas approached, I realised I just wasn’t prepared to take the strain through yet another festive season. So, in October, I handed in my notice.

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The Non-Mum Network

Years later, feeling strong and positive once more, I made a conscious decision not to let the whole experience of being turned away from the Mum Club continue to get me down. I had a lightbulb moment – an idea so obvious that I instantly wondered why I’d not come up with it sooner: I’d open my own club.

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My Label and Me: I never cared about labels until I found out I was infertile

By , Cosmetics boutique manager and writer

Published Nov 8, 2018, 8:00am|Updated Nov 2, 2019, 10:23am

For every living organism, life is a competition; a battle to exist.

As humans at the top of the food chain, we’ve evolved such that our daily battles are not usually physical ones as we fight off our prey; those primitive methods have been replaced with more advanced ways of measuring our place within the hierarchy of our species.

From the moment of conception (or even before in the case of assisted reproduction, when the ‘best’ egg and sperm can be pre-selected; cherry-picked for quality) we are competing, then classified by our characteristics.


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Here, Sam Walsh, 44, a retail manager from Sevenoaks, Kent, shares her story… “Whenever you see someone going through IVF in a film, they always walk away with a happy ending. But life is not like that. A lot of the time, fertility treatment does not work and thousands of women face the heartbreak of knowing they will never be mothers. “It’s not something we speak about often and that needs to change.”

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A retail manager reveals how IVF killed her marriage… and even made her consider suicide

“There were days when we were so heartbroken that our 15-year relationship was in such a sorry state that we tried to make amends, but all the hope we once shared had been replaced by grief.”

Samantha Walsh

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