The Non-Mum Network Goes On Tour

Announcing NMN Childfree holidays!

As you may know, I’ve been campaigning loudly against the widespread discrimination of non-parents in society for some time now. Some people may think I actively seek out brands, news stories or campaigns to get cross about, but I can assure you I don’t! I don’t need to…this stuff just falls into my lap on a daily basis! I wish I had to make more effort to find it, because it might mean it wasn’t so commonplace, but sadly every time I open a news or social media app I’m bombarded with examples of pro-parent bias.

Just this week we’ve had this Newsweek piece about Taylor Swift being ‘no role model for girls’ as a ‘childless and unmarried’ 34yr old woman. There’s been the piece in the press about Russia planning to criminalise being proudly childfree. We’ve had The Stylist Magazine create a mum-only podcast, we’ve had The 5hr Club campaigning for parents-only 5hr working days. Butlin’s have banned solo adults without children, as have many other tourist attractions.

So I think the time is right to claim our non-mum place amidst all this madness! I’m buzzing to have launched my latest initiative as part of The Non-Mum Network’s mission to help women without children connect, evolve and flourish: childfree holidays!

So, without further ado, here it is: time to climb aboard the Non-Mum Network tour bus and buckle up for the very first NMN group trips…in association with Flash Pack, a travel brand specialising in premium group travel for solo adults.

Their mission is to create one million friendships through carefully-curated itineraries which promote personal growth and meaningful connections…which aligns perfectly with my goal for the Non-Mum Network: to help women without children connect, evolve and flourish.

The destinations and dates were decided by YOU, the NMN Facebook group members, in response to the survey you completed recently…so, without further ado…I bring you:

1). Albanian Riviera!
13-17th May 2025

Full details of our incredible itinerary including a UNESCO World Heritage city tour, scenic high-altitude road trip, private coastline boat tour, cove swimming, foraging for mussels, cookery lesson, delicious Albanian food, stunning hotels and sundowner cocktails on the beach are linked below:


2). Iceland!
23-27th October 2025

Highlights of this itinerary include a top Reykjavik culinary experience, a chance to see the Northern Lights, glacier hiking, an al fresco picnic, an exhilarating off-road Super Jeep adventure, visiting a Game of Thrones canyon, geysers and waterfalls and a geothermal spa experience at the Blue Lagoon:

I’ve never been to either country, so I’m over the moon with your choices and am chomping at the bit to accompany you on both trips!

We’ll have an experienced Pack Leader with us throughout the trip to ensure everything runs like clockwork and we get the very most from our time.

Payment plans are available and if you have any questions feel free to ask me either on my socials or at or one of the experienced Flash Pack Travel Experts (chat function available when you visit the trip links).

The deposit is just £200 and I have £100 discount codes for the first 4 people who book:

Albanian Riviera: FP_I_Samantha_Walsh_AL1     


I can’t quite believe this is actually happening – I’m so grateful to Flash Pack for making my vision a reality for our community! 

I hope you can join me!

Sam x


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