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I’m a Guest on Happy & Childless!

It was an honour to be invited onto the Childless and Happy podcast recently, to discuss my own personal journey through childlessness and how being childless affects us in the workplace.

It was great to talk this through with the lovely Helen Gallagher, a warm and friendly woman who has had a similar journey to me and understands the challenges we face, and is equally as passionate about improving things for those without children going forward. 

With 1 in 5 adults remaining childless throughout their lives (and this figure is only set to increase), can employers afford NOT to listen to this significant proportion of their workforce? 

What are your thoughts on the way non-parents are treated in the workplace?

Grab a cuppa and join us on this fast-paced chat (we’re both very energetic people) as we chat through all this and much more.

You can listen to this podcast here.*

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*(I must apologise for the amount of times I say ‘yeah’ by the way – I was just very enthused and in agreement with a lot of what Helen was saying!)


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