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Cervical Cancer Prevention: Please Sign My Petition! I’m #AtYourCervix


Samantha Walsh, #AtYourCervix!

Hello guys, I’m clocking in and reporting for duty. The mission? To Save Your Cervix! Think of me as your friendly Customer Cervix Advisor.

Do you have a cervix, or know someone who does?

Then in that case this petition is for you! I’m campaigning to get the wording of the smear test invitation letter amended to actively encourage women to attend screening, including re-adding the phone number to call to book your appointment, which has actually been removed from the letter as of last year! I know, crazy right?

At a time when around 30% of women don’t attend screening these cost-cutting changes to the letter feel irresponsible at best. If you agree, please sign my petition by clicking the link below:


Thank you, Birds Eye Viewers! Xxx


Just a few days after starting this petition, I got a tweet from Jo’s Trust which reassured me that all my months of campaigning had not been in vain! The letter changes (which I initially drew the attention of the charities Jo’s Trust and The Eve Appeal to) had been debated in parliament, leading to an agreement that the cervical screening invitation letter did indeed need to be reviewed and updated. They will be working on amending the wording to encourage attendance. Wahoo! I’m totally made up about this! (there may even have been tears).
I feel like the renegade master: power to the people! High five ladies!

Read the parliamentary transcript here