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    1/. Be nice
    Please treat this as a get-together in your own home with friends (so – be nice; make sure you have enough biscuits; don’t make people feel uncomfortable and want to leave).
    2/. Acknowledge other people’s perspectives
    If someone posts or comments something that you disagree with, try to recognise that they might be distressed or venting – they probably don’t mean to upset anyone. The world will not end and no puppies will be harmed if you don’t say something to register your disagreement or opposition.
    3/. Silence is golden
    If someone is rude or snippy, remember that you don’t have to attend every argument you’re invited to. Sometimes it’s more powerful to say nothing in response. If it’s bad, report the comment to an admin/moderator for review.
    4/. Sorry goes a long way
    If you accidentally put your foot in it (we all do), an apology can work wonders; as can graciously accepting one.
    5/.Give everyone the benefit of the doubt
    Unless someone is purposely flouting the rules and being blatantly offensive, give them the benefit of the doubt. Accepting your non-mum status can be a difficult and lengthy process, and emotions can run high. One slip-up can be forgiven, 2 will earn you a warning, 3 strikes: you’re out.
    6/. No TTC chat outside of the relevant topic threads
    If you are still trying to conceive you’re welcome here, but please no chat about your current/future TTC attempts outside of those specific topics threads, since these discussions can be triggering for those for whom motherhood is no longer an option/consideration.
    Thanks for your cooperation, ladies!
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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