welcome to the non-mum network

Hi, I’m Sam (the founder of The Non-Mum Network). 

You’ve seen the gazillion mum-only groups and sites right? Well, this is Mumsnot, a place for childless and childfree women to rant and rave (and as a ‘90s party girl, I do love a rave). Having been turned away from the Mummy Club, I decided to carve out a little corner of the internet and make a club of my own 

(one where I’m a self-appointed VIPVery Infertile Person).  

If you’ve been denied entry too, or just never fancied being a mum, this place is for you. Come on in and find your tribe! You’ve got a backstage pass to this non-mum only gig. Pull up a chair, grab a drink, kick off your heels and get comfy. No dress codes or entry fees at this club, just BYOB (or tea!) and a friendly attitude.

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