When Fertility Treatment Fails…


I’ve had a little flurry of new member requests over on my Facebook group, The Non-Mum Network, and I wasn’t sure why, so I had a quick google and realised it’s because this interview I gave to the press recently had gone live 😁.

I was asked to speak about when fertility treatment fails, which is something I’ll always talk openly about as I think it helps to correct the false impression people can have that IVF is a simple, failsafe option to having a family. By being open and honest I hope that people may have more understanding and empathy for the CNBC (Childless Not By Choice) community.

Things really began hotting up when this happened – my story has been trending directly under Harry and Meghan’s on @yahoostyleuk.

Childless women are barely represented or mentioned in the press, so to get this level of exposure is fantastic 🙏🏻

If you are a childless (or childfree!) woman looking for your tribe, come join us at The Non-Mum Network, where you’re free to share your story if you want to; ask advice; rant; or just have a read and hang out. We’re here for you 🤗.

Sam x

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